Roving bands of English, Dutch and West German rowdies brawled in Duesseldorf after a European Soccer Championship match, but police said Thursday that massive security efforts had thwarted serious violent clashes.

Police said 371 people had been arrested during two days of violence in Duesseldorf late Tuesday and Wednesday. Of those, 18 were English fans, police said.Most of the 371 were released after spending several hours in jail.

Sporadic fistfights erupted in various parts of the city after the Netherlands' 3-1 victory over England on Wednesday, as soccer fans mobbed the streets and Duesseldorf's main train station.

But by midnight, the station and surrounding streets were nearly clear of everyone except for riot police, after fans boarded trains out of the city. By early Thursday, most of the fans had left the city for home or had headed to Frankfurt, where England and the Soviet Union are to meet for a match on Saturday.