Even though official competition doesn't start until Monday, the 1988 Utah Summer Games are under way - sort of.

The four regional competitions - to qualify in five of the 21 total Summer Games sports - have been concluded for a month and the length-of-the-state torch relay run has been underway since Tuesday's start in Logan.Competition for the Summer Games - designated by the Roman numeral III as the state-wide athletic competition enters its third year - begins Monday at Cedar City and runs through June 25. More than 4,000 participants are expected to compete - more than double last year's total.

However, Summer Games III is not without some last-minute scrambling, as the scheduling of some events is being shuffled. For example, the open and masters divisions of track and field competition has been switched from its early-week slot to June 23, or next Thursday.

Officials say that many track and field participants in the open and masters divisions complained of having to be in Cedar City on Monday and Tuesday and then returning back to the southern Utah city to watch sons or daughters compete in the scholastic division on June 24 and June 25 - Friday and Saturday.

Games officials say participants in events being rescheduled are being contacted personally.

The Games will double as four state championships and one regional state meet. The state championships in women's Class III gymnastics, TAC track, JOAD archery, and karate. Competiton in softball will be considered as USSA regional qualification.

Added in 1988 are tennis and weighlifting, with soccer and karate moving up from last year's exlhibition status.

Other sports include archery, basketball, bowling, boxing, cycling, fencing, women's gymnastics, horseshoes, marathon, shooting, softball, swimming, track and field, volleyball, wrestling and a 10-kilometer run.