Two students from Mountain Crest High School in Hyrum, Cache County, and their auto mechanics instructor will be in Washington, D.C., next week to complete in the Plymouth/American Automobile Association Trouble Shooting Contest on the Capitol Mall.

Rick Bartschi, 18, David Hester, 18, and their instructor, Joseph K. Gilgen, won the state contest and will compete against other state winners for more than $250,000 in prizes and awards.

John Moore, contest manager, said Plymouth and the AAA designed the contest in 1949 to focus attention on the need for more auto mechanics in the country. He said many young people have lost interest in this vocation and if the current trend continues, there will be a need for one million auto machanics by the year 2000.

Before getting to the national finals, the contestants had to pass a written examination and repair cars that had purposely been "bugged" in a race against the clock to complete the repairs. In the June 20 contest, they will attempt to repair deliberately-planted problems in 1988 Plymouth Sundance cars.