A $26.9 million contract has been awarded to Morton Thiokol's Utah Tactical Division to supply 1,683 solid rocket motors for a high-speed anti-radar missile nicknamed HARM.

The company will produce 547 HARM motors for the U.S. Navy, 1,012 for the U.S. Air Force and 124 for the Federal Republic of Germany.Jim White, tactical division vice president and general manager, said 80 percent of the work under the contract will be performed in Brigham City and the remainder in Carson City, Nev. The production work will be completed in July 1990.

The company has delivered more than 3,000 HARM motors since full-scale production began in 1982.

The HARM is an air-to-surface missile that locks in and follows a radar beam to its source. Division officials developed a reduced smoke propellant for HARM, which allows the missile to reach its target without being detected by people at enemy anti-missile radar installations.