About 40 law enforcement officers, including an FBI SWAT team, searched a heavily wooded area today for a gunman suspected of killing his in-laws and two of their children and wounding a third child in the family's home on an Indian reservation.

Vincent Loonsfoot, 26, was believed to be hiding in woods just north of Escanaba and holding his estranged wife, Peggy, hostage, police said.An intense air and ground search with officers using tracking dogs failed to turn up any trace of Loonsfoot or his wife on Wednesday.

Helterhoff said authorities still presume Loonsfoot is holed up in the 4-square-mile densely wooded area, armed and holding his wife hostage. Authorities said Loonsfoot was wearing camouflage clothing and his wife was wearing purple slacks and blouse.

Police said Loonsfoot apparently went to a home on the Hannahville Indian Reservation in Menominee County near Wilson shortly before midnight Tuesday looking for his estranged wife.

David Smith, 29, a brother of Peggy Loonsfoot; Smith's wife, Sherry, 27; and their infant daughter, Amy, and 11-year-old daughter, Laura, were found shot to death when police arrived at the home.