An ex-Wedtech president testified that company officials met with George Bush in an effort to cut out competitors for government contracts, but a Bush spokesman said the vice president doesn't remember meeting them.

Anthony Guariglia, the former president of the now-defunct defense contractor, also testified in Rep. Mario Biaggi's racketeering trial that Wedtech officials gave $200,000 to President Reagan's 1984 campaign.Guariglia told the U.S. District Court trial that competitors from Texas and Puerto Rico disappeared after the company officials were introduced to Bush.

"Was the purpose of being introduced to Vice President Bush to get him to eliminate Wedtech's competition in Texas and Puerto Rico?" defense attorney Alan R. Kaufman asked during cross examination.

"Yes," said Guariglia.

"Was that done? Was that competition eliminated?" Kaufman asked.

"Yes," responded Guariglia, ending the exchange without specifically connecting Bush to the diminished competition.

Bush spokesman Stephen Hart said, "The vice president doesn't recall meeting (uariglia) on any occasion. And if he spoke to him, no action was taken up to follow up on their conversation."