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Knievel revving up to jump moving train

Call it the great Texas train jump.

Robbie Knievel will attempt to jump his motorcycle over a train in east Texas later this month. Producers from the Fox network have met with state railroad officials at the Palestine Park depot to work out the details. The stunt would be televised live Feb. 23.

Producer Jeff Androsky told the Palestine Herald-Press that the deal with Knievel is "99 percent done" and that he expects contracts to be signed this week.

Androsky said Knievel will speed at about 80 mph toward the train, which will be approaching from the opposite direction at 30 mph, and clear the train just as it smashes through his wooden takeoff ramp.

Baywatch star Burns will need bigger suit

One of the lifeguards on the "Baywatch Hawaii" television series soon will need a bigger swimsuit.

Brooke Burns, 21, one of the four female lifeguards on the top-rated syndicated series, is pregnant. She married actor Julian McMahon, a cast member of NBC's "Profiler," on Dec. 22. They live in Los Angeles.

"Baywatch Hawaii" has wrapped filming of its first season in Hawaii after nine seasons in Los Angeles. Whether it returns for the upcoming season is still being decided.

If it does, filming would start when Burns is about eight months pregnant.

"We're not sure yet what we'll do," show producer Greg Bonann said Monday. "It all depends on the actress. How fast can she return physically and emotionally?"

Stewart must pay $221,677 back taxes

Being a homemaking guru didn't help Martha Stewart escape a homeowner's tax bill.

New York's Division of Tax Appeals has ordered the new billionaire to pay $221,677 in back taxes for 1991 and 1992.

Stewart, who maintains homes in East Hampton, N.Y., and Westport, Conn., said she did not live in New York for more than half the year in 1992. Those who live instate for six months owe state income taxes.

Administrative Law Judge Thomas Sacca reasoned that Stewart was indeed a New York resident in 1992 and earned taxable income in New York in 1991. His decision was dated Jan. 13.