To the editor:

For nearly 15 years, a dedicated few of us have expended our energies on behalf of the American Party with its principles designed to return this nation to freedom to be free, instead of freedom to be tax slaves of an overgrown government bureaucracy.We have spent thousands of hours and pondered these imperatives in the American Party Permanent Principles with thousands of people the past five years.

It would take a lawyer with a high-powered microscope to find one tiny effort that Larry Topham has expended for the American Party during the past six or seven years. It would require even more to locate a single penny that he has given to our cause.

By what authority does he attempt to take over at this juncture from the duly elected leadership of the party? When I ran for political office, I was required to declare my allegiance to the party. It would appear that Larry is an outsider disruptive of our right to assemble and conduct our own affairs.

Furthermore, all the years I was a delegate to Republican conventions, I paid an assessment for the privilege. Kindly explain the present discrimination.

Larry Topham is a loose cannon. We cannot abide his chicanery and high-handed tactics for self-aggrandizement at the expense of our organization.

Harold C. Christensen

Salt Lake secretary

American Party