Internal turmoil forced the University of Utah department of sociology into "receivership" almost three years ago. The U. Institutional Council ended that "receivership" Monday, granting the department the ability to once again hire faculty and admit graduate students.

Acting on the recommendations of the U. Graduate Council and Dean Howard Ball of the College of Social and Behavioral Science, the council agreed that the sociology department can admit graduate students beginning July 1. It can also recruit two assistant professors using funds from the dean's budget and those freed up by the retirement of a senior sociology professor.The department's problems have been largely solved and it "can manage its own affairs and is doing so appropriately at this time," U. Provost James L. Clayton said.

In November 1985, the institutional council placed the department in "receivership" when it was told the department was "out of control," with a lengthy history of internal disputes that were compromising the department's endeavors.

Despite an overall report of progress, the council's report also noted, "There can be no claim that the department's problems are solved, but there is ample evidence of the faculty's having addressed all the issues raised in 1985. . ."