The Bangkok Criminal Court on Wednesday sentenced an Australian woman and a Thai man to death for trafficking in 12 pounds of heroin the woman was transporting in a baby stroller.

The court reduced an earlier death sentence against the woman's common-law husband to life imprisonment after he admitted to heroin possession and cooperated with authorities.Nola Blake; the man she lived with in suburban Sydney, Paul Hudson, and Supoj Kittidejdamkern were arrested in January 1987 and charged with possessing heroin with intention to sell. Police said the couple had obtained the heroin from Supoj for sale in Australia.

The Australians, both 37, were seized in front of a department store while pushing their 14-month-old son in a stroller that contained the heroin, police said. The son was flown to Australia to be cared for by relatives in Sydney.

"I knew it was coming. I knew it was coming," Blake said after the verdict, shaking her head as she walked from the court back to the jail.

Blake translated the verdict for her husband, who appeared pale and shaken.