Amnesia victim Roy Moses could remember little about himself other than that he was a Cleveland Indians fan until friends helped identify him.

Moses, 33, learned his identity Sunday and also found out it was his birthday when friends went to the Huntington City Mission Sunday to identify him after seeing his picture in that day's edition of the Huntington Herald-Dispatch. Moses had been staying at the mission for the past month."I saw the picture in the paper and said, `That's Mo,"' said Duffie Swartz of Columbus, Ohio.

Swartz, a former Kenova resident and her sister, Connie Hughes of New York, were in Huntington visiting relatives.

Moses said he knew little about himself until his friends told him who he was. All he could remember was that he was an Indians fan and traveled a lot.

Swartz and Hughes looked familiar to Moses and he said he probably was in Kenova on May 3 looking for them.

"I was going to see my grandmother in Cleveland," Moses said. "And I stopped in Kenova, and something must have happened."

Moses said he awoke in a field at Kenova last month, not knowing who he was. All he had was a bus ticket from the Jacksonville, Fla., Transit Authority, a receipt from a convenience store in Virginia, cigarettes, matches, a hair net and a cigar stub.

Swartz and Hughes told Moses he was working on a degree in accounting at Sienna Heights College in Michigan at the time of his disappearance.

"At least I'm educated," he said.

Moses said his memory is starting to come back but he plans to continue seeing a therapist.