PROVO -- Darnell Arceneaux arrived at Cougar Stadium Saturday around the same time his Utah teammates did; however, he didn't head to the locker room. Instead he went to the parking lot along with injured teammate Chuck Pine to say hello to some friends.

He kept telling everyone that he was still injured, but this time it was his heart. Arceneaux has always played well against BYU, but the concussion he suffered against Wyoming kept him out of the biggest game of the season.It's safe to say Arceneaux is handling the situation just fine. Instead of moping around the sideline, Arceneaux stood right next to coach Fred Graves and listened in on the play calling throughout the game and gave quarterback T.D. Croshaw some advice when he could.

"It was tough, but I tried to help T.D. as much as I could," said Arceneaux. "If I can't be out there, I'm going to cheer him on."

There was speculation after Arceneaux's concussion that he might consider retiring with such an injury-prone body. Despite the excitement following Utah's 20-17 win Saturday, he's still pondering the decision.

"If we go to a bowl game, I'll try and come back and play," said Arceneaux. "At the end of the season, I'll weigh my options."

As Utah lined up for a critical third down in the final two minutes, Arceneaux was on all fours, praying. His heart is still into football, and if there's anyway he can return, he says he will.

CHEERLEADER EXCITEMENT: After Donny Utu's touchdown early in the fourth quarter, two Utah cheerleaders grabbed the Utah flags and made the customary stroll along the back of the end zone. One of those cheerleaders, Billy Priddis, was then tackled from behind by an unidentified fan.

Priddis turned around to see what was going on and saw the man still clinging to his legs. Priddis then jumped to his feet, tackled the BYU fan and started wailing on him. Priddis said he landed about seven or eight punches before the security officers broke up the fight.

"There's 65,000 fans here, does he think I'm not going to retaliate?" said Priddis.

The man was escorted out of the stadium and arrested.

Not long after the incident, BYU athletic director Val Hale went over and confronted Priddis and the other Ute cheerleaders.

Eventually everyone calmed down, but a decision to prevent future incidents was reached.

"I told them from now on we're going to leave our flags at home and they should do the same," said Hale. "All it does is initiate the fans to throw things out of the stands."

It's probably not the last time this series is going to have extracurricular activities among fans, but the cheerleaders?

After the incident, Utah's Steve Smith was taunting fans behind Utah's bench by saying, "Even our cheerleaders are kicking your butt."

DYSON UPDATE: Andre Dyson was one of Utah's many heroes after picking off Kevin Feterik twice, and his mother was right there on the field afterward to congratulate him.

"I'm so excited," said Susan Hall, Dyson's mother. "I start out not too nervous, but as the game gets closer, I just can't even watch. I don't even think I saw him make the last interception."

The last time Utah played at BYU, Hall saw her other son, Kevin Dyson, play a great game, and now this time it was Andre.

Hall has a third son playing for Utah, Patrick, and he was one of the Utes' kick returners, though he didn't see any action. Last month Patrick got into legal trouble when he threw a magnet through the window of a moving car on the freeway. Hall wasn't proud of her son, but she said, "We've all bonded together because of the incident."

Patrick's mother said the family has learned that if her son doesn't get into any more trouble in the next six months the incident will be reduced to a misdemeanor.

GOING DEEP: Margin Hooks' 77-yard touchdown reception in the third quarter moved him past 1,000 yards receiving on the season. He had 928 yards entering the game, and his 139 yards against the Utes give him 1,067 on the season.

Hooks is the first Cougar receiver to go over 1,000 yards since Eric Drage caught 1,093 yards in 1992.

Hooks wasn't the only receiver on the field making big plays. Utah's Cliff Russell caught a 70-yard touchdown pass two minutes later, but it wasn't even his longest of the season. Against Wyoming Russell hauled in a 80-yard touchdown reception from T.D. Croshaw.

POCHMAN'S RECORD: Owen Pochman's first-quarter 26-yard field goal was his 15th straight and extended his school record. Later in the first half the record came to a halt when his 55-yard field goal attempt was blocked by Utah's Ma'ake Kemoeatu.

Pochman then missed another field goal in the second half, this one from 38 yards. It wasn't the same as Ryan Kaneshiro's upright clank from last year, but Utah fans were definitely gloating afterward.

NEUTRAL COLORS: Ten members of the media in the press box were wearing green. There may be no cheering allowed in the press box, but apparently everyone was cheering for Colorado State.