Granite School District is culling its confidential files and will make them available to people with legal and legitimate interest.

The files contain records of student interactions with psychiatrists, social workers and speech therapists.People who attended schools in the district and participated in any testing administered by the Special Education Department may request their personal files. The files for people now 27 or older will be destroyed after Aug. 1 if no one has indicated an interest in them, said MarDeanne Wahlen, special education official.

Federal regulations require that files be kept at least five years after a student would normally graduate from high school. Some special education students attend school until they are 22.

Some files date back to the 1950s.

To claim a file, individuals must present proper identification. The file will not be released to parents or guardians, Wahlen said.

For information, call Lauri Applegarth, 268-8557.