Tax protester Mills Crenshaw delivered three petitions to the Salt Lake County clerk's office Friday afternoon, each with more than 40,000 signatures calling for lower taxes. Similar scenes took place in other Utah counties as members of the Utah Tax Limitation Coalition rushed to meet a Monday deadline for getting their petitions on November's general election ballot. Crenshaw said about 100,000 signatures were collected statewide on each of the petitions, more than the 63,000 needed to force a vote. Salt Lake County officials said they expect to have the signatures verified by July 5, making sure each signer is a registered voter. The three petitions would roll state taxes back to their 1986 levels, limit property taxes to 0.75 percent of the value of a house and 1 percent of the value of commercial property and provide tax credits to parents whose children attend private schools. The 63,000 signatures needed for a referendum must include 10 percent of the registered voters in 15 of the state's 29 counties. Crenshaw said he believed the group had exceeded that requirement.