Three people accused of being cocaine distributors were charged Friday in U.S. District Court in indictments issued by the federal grand jury in Salt Lake City.

The first indictment names as defendants Kirk L. Waterfall and Sherry Michelle Waterfall. Both are accused of distributing 3 ounces of cocaine on June 8 in Salt Lake City. Two additional counts against Kirk Waterfall claim that he distributed 1 ounce on March 25, and 1.5 grams on the same day.U.S. Magistrate Ronald N. Boyce set bail at $5,000 for the Waterfalls, with $500 of it in cash. Their arraignment will to continue Monday afternoon.

Adam-Abdul Kareem Shombe was indicted on three counts of allegedly possessing cocaine with the intention of distributing it on March 14, March 24 and May 12, all in Salt Lake County. No amounts were included in the indictment.

In a hearing Friday, Shombe pleaded not guilty. Boyce asked that U.S. District Senior Judge Aldon J. Anderson's secretary set a trial date and ordered Shombe held.