As the century draws to a close, the Deseret News is selecting an All-Half Century football team for the state of Utah. Thousands of great football players have played at BYU, Utah, Utah State, Weber State and Southern Utah. With the help of officials from each university, we've come up with a list of approximately 200 top players from the five universities since 1950. Please vote for players based on their collegiate accomplishments, not professional or otherwise. If you feel we've left someone off the list, please use the space at the bottom for write-ins and list their schools and positions. Please send your entries to 50 FB Team/Deseret News sports/ P.O. Box 1257/ SLC, Utah 84110. Also include your name, hometown and age. Results will be published later this month.

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All Half-Century College Football Team

KEY--AA = All-American, BW = Big West, Def = defensive, EW = East-West Shrine Bowl Game, FG = Field goal, HM = Honorable mention, Hula = Hula Bowl, INT = interception, KO = Kickoff, PAT = Point after touchdown, POY = Player of Year, TO = total offense, YDs = yards.


LEE GROSSCUP, Utah '56-58 --1st-team All-American in 1957, 68.6 passing pct.

BILL MUNSON, Utah State '61-63--Completed 59.7 pct. in '63, played in Senior Bowl

POKEY ALLEN, Utah '62-64--Led Utes to 9-2 season, Liberty Bowl win

VIRGIL CARTER, BYU--'64-66 First of BYU all-American QBs 5,125 yds, 50 TDs

TONY ADAMS, Utah State '70-72--All-time leading Aggie passer with 6,226 yards, 52 TDs

DON VAN GALDER, Utah '71-73--All-WAC, Ute record-holder until Mitchell came along

GARY SHIEDE, BYU '73-74--2nd in NCAA passing twice, Sammy Baugh Trophy winner

GIFFORD NIELSEN, BYU '75-77--First-team AA, led NCAA in TD passes, 2nd in total offense

ERIC HIPPLE, Utah State '76-79--6,073 yards, 2nd all-time total offense at USU, Blue-Gray

MARC WILSON, BYU '77-79--Consensus AA, 1st in NCAA Total offense, 3rd in Heisman vote, Sr. Bowl MVP

JIM MCMAHON, BYU '77-81--9,536 yds, 84 TDs Set 70 NCAA records, 3rd in Heisman vote, led total offense and passing twice

STEVE YOUNG, BYU '81-83--2-time AA, lefty's 71.3 passing percentage in '83 an NCAA record , 2nd in Heisman vote

ROBBIE BOSCO, BYU '83-85--Led BYU to national title as Jr., 3rd in Heisman vote, 8,400 career yards, 66 TDs

SCOTT MITCHELL, Utah '87-89--Nearly 9,000 yards in just 3 seasons, 72 TD passes, led nation in '88 in passing, TO

TY DETMER, BYU '88-91--Heisman Trophy, NCAA's all-time leader with 15,031 yds, 121 TDs, still holds 58 NCAA records

JAMIE MARTIN, Weber State '89-92--1st team AA, I-AA player of year in '92, 12,207 yds, 87 TDs

JOHN WALSH, BYU '91-94--Forgotten Coug racked up 8,390 yds, 66 TDs in just 3 years

MIKE MCCOY, Utah '92-94--Passed for 7,404 yds, led Utes to 10-2 Freedom Bowl season

STEVE SARKISIAN, BYU '95-96--Piled up 7,464 yds, 54 TD passes in only two years, led NCAA in pass efficiency

KEVIN FETERIK, BYU '96-99--'99 start best-ever for Cougs, should end up with 8,000-plus yards


STUART VAUGHN, Utah '55-57--All-Skyline, EW-Shrine, led nation in receiving in '57

TOM LARSCHEID, Utah State--'59-61 Twice HM All-American, twice all-Skyline, 248 career points

ELDON FORTIE, BYU '60-62--Y.'s first all-American, 'The Phantom' broke 21 school records

RON COLEMAN, Utah '63-64--All-WAC, key player on Liberty Bowl team

ROY SHIVERS, Utah State '64-65--1,138 yds, 16 TDs in '65

JOHN OGDEN, BYU '64-66--Led Y. rushing 3 years, 5th on all-time list

MCARTHUR LANE, Utah State '65-67--Fullback averaged 6.9 per carry during career

LEE WHITE, Weber State '65-67--1st-team AA, East-West Game, Senior Bowl, 3,062 yds

PETE VAN VALKENBURG, BYU '70-72--Led nation in 1972, 4th on all-time Y. rushing list

JEFF BLANC, BYU '73-75--3rd on all-time rushing list with 2,663 yds

LOUIE GIAMMONA, Utah State--'73-75 2nd team AA, 3,499 career yards, led nation in '74 with 1,534 yds.

TODD CHRISTENSEN, BYU '74-77--FB known mostly for catching passes, MVP of 2 bowl all-star games

RICK PARROS, Utah State--'76-79 Second on USU list with 3,537, HM AA

TONY LINDSAY, Utah '77-80--Second on all-time Ute rushing list with 2,995

DEL RODGERS, Utah '78-81--'Popcorn' rushed for 2,616 yds, has top Ute mark with 31 TDs, EW

CARL MONROE, Utah '81-82--Single-season mark of 1,507 yds in '82, led nation in all-purpose running, Sr. Bowl

LAKEI HEIMULI, BYU '84-86--Second on all-time rushing list with 2,710 yds

EDDIE JOHNSON, Utah '84-88--All-time leading Ute leader with 3,219 yds, 35 TDs EW-Shrine

FINE UNGA, Weber State '87-88--2,298 yds is 2nd on WSU career list, 3,663 all-purpose yds

JAMAL WILLIS, BYU '91-94--All-time leading Cougar rusher with 2,970 yds, most career TDs with 39

ABU WILSON, Utah State '92-96--All-time leading USU rusher with 3,933 yds 40 TDs

CHRIS FUAMATU-MA'AFALA, Utah '95-97--3rd on Ute career rushing list with 2,630 yds in 3 years

DEMARIO BROWN, Utah State--'96-99 With 2,972 yds already, has chance to become USU's all-time leading rusher


MARION PROBERT, BYU '52-54--All-Skyline 3 times, one of two Cougs with retired number

ROY JEFFERSON, Utah 62-64--Consensus all-American, also Utes' placekicker on Liberty Bowl team

PHIL ODLE, BYU '65-67 --183 passes caught for 2,548 yds, 3-time all-WAC

LOUIS THOMAS, Utah '67-68--All-WAC, 60 catches in '67, EW-Shrine

BOB WICKS, Utah State '69-71 --124 catches, Sr. Bowl

TOM FORZANI, Utah State '70-72--Led nation with 7.7 catches in '72, 1,806 yds, Blue-Gray

JAY MILLER, BYU '73-74--Led nation in '73 with 100 catches, 1,181 yds

LENNY WALTERSCHEID, Southern Utah '75-76--Two-time 2nd-team all-American

DAN PLATER, BYU '78-81--All-WAC, Sr. Bowl, EW-Shrine Game MVP

GLEN KOZLOWSKI, BYU '81-85--All-WAC, 2,223 career yards

MARK BELLINI, BYU '85-86 --5th on career receiving list, 2nd team AA, 2-time all-WAC

LOREN RICHEY, Utah '85-86--73 catches in '85 is Ute best, 5th on career list

WADE ORTON, Weber State '84-88 - Caught 170 passes for 2,922 yards, 18 TDs

KENDAL SMITH, Utah State '85-88--All-time leading Ag receiver, 169 for 2,943 yds, 3rd team AA, EW-Shrine

PAT NEWMAN, Utah State '86-89--5th all-time in receptions, 4th in yards, TDs

BRYAN ROWLEY, Utah '89-93--1st for career receiving yards (3,143), TDs (25)

TREVOR SHAW, Weber State '89-93 - All-time leading WSU receiver with 206 catches

ERIC DRAGE, BYU '91-93--Career yardage leader with 3,066 yds, EW-Shrine, 2-time all-WAC

KEVIN ALEXANDER, Utah State '92-95 --149 catches for 2,208 yds.

KEVIN DYSON, Utah '94-97-- U.'s all-time leader with 192 pass catches for 2,726 yds, Senior Bowl


MARV FLEMING, Utah '60-62--All-Skyline, EW-Shrine

DALE NOSWORTHY, Utah '69-70--2-time all-WAC

CLAY BROWN, BYU '78-80--All-American, all-WAC, Hula Bowl, Sr. Bowl

GORDON HUDSON, BYU '81-83--One of two 2-time Y. consensus All-Americans, 2,484 career yards

TREVOR MOLINI, BYU '84-86--1st team AA in '85, All-WAC

CHRIS SMITH, BYU '87-90--Consensus AA, 2,367 career yards

DENNIS SMITH, Utah '86-89--3rd all-time Ute receiver, 25 TDs tied for first among Utes

ALFRED PUPUNU, Weber State '90-91 --1st team AA, 93 catches in '91 for 12 TDs

CHAD LEWIS , BYU '93-96--2-time all-WAC

ITULA MILI, BYU '94-96--All-WAC, selected to 2 bowl games

CAM QUAYLE, Weber State '94-97--1st team AA, 149 career catches for 1,414 yds, 10 TDs


DAVE KRAGTHORPE, Utah State '51-54--2-time All-Skyline

LEN RHODE, Utah State '57-59--2-time All-Skyline

ED PINE, Utah '59-61--1st team AA, twice all-Skyline, EW, Hula

DAVE COSTA, Utah '61-62--AA, WAC lineman of year, 3 bowl games

SID OTTON, Weber State '63-65 --1st team AA in I-AA

JOHN STIPECH, Utah '64-66--All-WAC, WAC lineman of year, EW

JIM SCHMEDDING, Weber State '65-67 --1st team AA in I-AA

GORDON GRAVELLE, BYU '69-71--WAC lineman of year in '71

PAUL HOWARD , BYU '70-72--All-WAC, 3 all-star bowl games

BRAD OATES , BYU '73-75--HM AA, All-WAC, played in 3 bowl games

ORRIN OLSEN, BYU '72-75--Coaches All-American Game

JIM HOUGH, Utah State '74-77--2nd team AA

NICK EYRE, BYU '78-80--Consensus All-American

DEAN MIRALDI , Utah '78-80--All-WAC, Blue-Gray, EW, Sr. Bowl

BART OATES , BYU '80-82--2nd team AA, All-WAC

DAVE KURESA, Utah State '81-84--Three-time all-PCAA

CARLTON WALKER '83-84--1st team All-American, all-WAC

MOE ELEWONIBI, BYU '88-89--Outland Trophy winner, Consensus AA

RANDY BOSTIC, Southern Utah '88-90--2-time 1st team AA

BRUCE COVERNTON, Weber State '89-91--1st team AA in I-AA

ANTHONY BROWN '93-94--All-WAC, 3rd team All-American

JOHN TAIT, BYU '96-98--2-time all-WAC


DEWEY BRUNDAGE, BYU '51-53 --All-Skyline

MERLIN OLSEN, Utah State '59-61--Outland Trophy, consensus AA twice

LIONEL ALDRIDGE, Utah State '60-62--HM AA, Hula Bowl

BILL STALEY, Utah State '65-67--1st team All-American

NORM MCBRIDE, Utah '67-68--2-time all-WAC

PHIL OLSEN, Utah State '67-69--Consensus AA in '61

HENRY REED, Weber State '68-70 --1st team AA in I-AA

CARTER CAMPBELL, Weber State '70-71 --1st team AA in I-AA

RON RYDALCH, Utah '71-73--All-WAC, Blue-Gray

PAUL LINFORD, BYU '72-74--2-time all-WAC

WAYNE BAKER, BYU '72-74--2nd team AA, MVP of Senior Bowl


RULON JONES, Utah State '76-79--1st team AA, PCAA Def POY in '79

GLEN TITENSOR, BYU '79-80--2-time all-WAC

STEVE CLARK, Utah '78-81--All-American, 2-time all-WAC

SHAWN MILLER, Utah State '79-82--PCAA Def player of year in '82

BRAD ANAE, BYU '80-81--2-time all-WAC

GREG KRAGEN, Utah State '80-83--All-PCAA

CHUCK EHIN, BYU '79-82--All-WAC, Blue Gray

JASON BUCK, BYU '85-86--Outland Trophy winner, consensus AA

LUTHER ELLISS , Utah '91-94--Consensus AA, WAC player of year

BEN CROSLAND, Utah State '94-97--BW Def player of year in '97, HM AA


JEFF LYMAN, BYU '69-71--All-WAC Blue-Gray, Sr. Bowl

RON MCCALL, Weber State 65-66--1st team AA, EW-Shrine, Coaches AA Bowl

LARRY STONE, Utah '67-69--All-WAC

JOHN HUDDLESTON, Utah '73-75--Coaches AA Game, All-WAC, most tackles (174)

DANNY RICH, Weber State '78-81 --Career leader in tackles (450)

GLEN REDD, BYU '79-80--2-time all-WAC, EW-Shrine

MIKE HUMISTON, Weber State 79-80--1st team AA

TODD SHELL, BYU '80-83--2-time all-WAC, Sr. Bowl

HAL GARNER, Utah State '80-84--2-time all-PCAA, Blue-Gray, Sr. Bowl

MARK BLOSCH, Utah '81-84--U. career tackle leader (494), all-WAC

LEON WHITE, BYU '82-85--2nd team AA, All-WAC, EW-Shrine

KURT GOUVEIA, BYU '83-85--All-WAC, Hula Bowl

AL SMITH, Utah State '84-86--PCAA player of year, 2-time all-PCAA, HM AA

BOB DAVIS, BYU '87-89--3rd team AA, 2-time all-WAC, EW, Hula Bowl

DEL LYLES, Utah State '88-91--All-time leading USU tackler with 446, all-BW

ANTHONY DAVIS, Utah '90-91--2-time all-WAC, EW, Japan Bowl

JERMAINE YOUNGER, Utah State '90-93--BW POW, 2-time all-league, Blue-Gray, Sr. Bowl

SHAY MUIRBROOK, BYU '93-96--2-time all-WAC

DAVID GILL, Utah State '93-96--2-time all-Big West

PHIL GLOVER, Utah '97-98--All-WAC, Senior Bowl

TONY D'AMATO, Utah State '97-98--Big West def. POW, 170 tackles set USU record

ROB MORRIS, BYU '96-99--WAC defensive player year in '98


LARRY WILSON, Utah--'57-59 Two-way star, 3rd-team AA, once scored 5 TDs in a game

HENRY KING, Utah State '65-66--18 INTs for 373 yds, led nation with 11 in '66

BOBBY ROBERTS, BYU '65-67--18 career INTs, 2-time all-WAC safety

CHUCK DETWILER, Utah State '66-68--11 INTs for 140 yds

NORM THOMPSON, Utah--'69-70 All-American, twice all-WAC, NCAA record for interception yards

DAN HANSEN, BYU '70-72--18 career INTs, 421 yds is No. 1 on Y. list, 2-time all-WAC safety

DAVE ATKINSON, BYU '71-73--Y. leader with 20 career INTs, EW-Shrine

DENNIS DUNCANSON, Weber State '77-78--2-time AA, 15 career INTs

JEFF GRIFFIN, Utah '77-80--2nd-team AA, 2-time all-WAC, EW-Shrine, Sr. Bowl

BILL SCHOEPFLIN, BYU '78-80--2-time all-WAC

TOM HOLMOE, BYU '79-82--All-WAC, 13 INTs, Hula Bowl

PATRICK ALLEN, Utah State '80-83--All-PCAA, Blue-Gray

KYLE MORRELL, BYU '81-84--WAC def. Player of the year, EW-Shrine, Sr. Bowl

DONALD TOOMER, Utah State '91-94--2nd on career INT list (12), EW-Shrine

HAROLD LUSK, Utah '92-95--U.'s interception leader (18), EW-Shrine, all-WAC

OMARR MORGAN, BYU '96-97--2-time all-WAC EW-Shrine

JOHNDALE CARTY, Utah State '95-98--2-time all-Big West, 4th all-time in tackles

SCOTT SHIELDS, Weber State '95-98--23 career INTs, 278 yds, 2 TDs, 2-time AA


TOM LARSCHEID, Utah State '59-61--Led nation in punt returns in '61, 3 returns for TDs

ALTIE TAYLOR, Utah State '66-68--Led nation in KO returns in '67

CHRIS FARASOPOLOUS, BYU '68-70--Averaged nearly 30 yds per kickoff return, 14.5 in punt returns for career

GOLDEN RICHARDS, BYU '70-71--Led nation in punt returns in '71, 4 for TDs

STEVE ODOM, Utah '71-73--1st team AA, led nation in KO returns

VAI SIKEHEMA, BYU '80-85--Averaged over 25 yds per kickoff in 3 seasons, 3 TDs on punts

ERROLL TUCKER, Utah '84-85--1st team AA, led nation in KO and punt returns (4 TDs)

JAMES DYE, BYU '95-96--5 TDs on returns in two seasons

STEVE SMITH, Utah State '96-97--3 punt returns for TDs in '97


RICH ADAMS, BYU '67-69--3-year starter, most punts in Y. history

CRAIG SMITH, Utah '67-69--3-year starter, American Bowl, most punts (214), also played DB

MARV BATEMAN, Utah '69-71--All-American, led nation twice, 48.1 ave. in '71, 51 punts over 50 yds

LEE JOHNSON, BYU '83-84--47.0 career ave., 50.6 in '83

RICK PARTRIDGE, Utah '77-78--43.7 ave. as 2-year starter

GUY MCCLURE, Utah State '78-81--3-time all-PCAA 42.5 ave as 4-year starter

PAT THOMPSON, BYU '86-88--3-year starter, led WAC twice, 44.8 in '88, 1st team AA

LOUIE AGUIAR, Utah State '87-88--42.6 ave. as two-year starter

EARL KAUFMANN, BYU '88-91--3-year starter, led WAC in '90, 41.8 ave.

ALAN BOARDMAN, BYU '93-96--4-year starter, 42-yd ave

CHRIS HUNTER, Utah '96-99 4-year starter, 41.5 ave.


MARV BATEMAN, Utah '69-71--21-41 FGs (51.2), 59-yarder still a Ute record

STEVE STEINKE, Utah State '77-80--38-60 FGs (63.3 pct), 90-95 PATs

KURT GUNTHER, BYU '80-82--27-47 FGs (57.4), 162-179 PATs, NCAA record for PATs

WILLIE BEECHER, Utah State '81-84--36-54 FGs (66.7 pct), 64-64 PATs

ANDRE GUARDI, Utah '83-86--34-49 FGs (69.4 pct)125-127 PATs, 95 straight PATs, 11 straight FGs

LEE JOHNSON, BYU '83-84--24-40 FGs (60.0 pct), 95-101 PATs

ROGER RUZEK, Weber State '85-87--46-78 FGs (59.0 pct), 51 PATs

LEONARD CHITTY, BYU '86-87--34-47 FGs (72.4 pct.) 64-67 PATs, Y. leader in most FGs in career (34)

EARL KAUFMANN, BYU '88-91--21-39 FGs (53.8 pct), 96-106 PATs

CHRIS YERGENSEN, Utah '91-93--44-66 FGs (66.7 pct), 83-87 PATs, beat BYU in '93 with 55-yarder

MICAH KNORR, Utah State '93-96--39-62 FGs (65.9 pct), 80-84 PATs

DANIEL PULSIPHER, Utah '94-96--35-54 FGs (64.8), 116-118 PATs

SCOTT SHIELDS, Weber State '95-98--67-90 FGs (74.4 pct), 55 PATs, 2-time AA

BRAD BOHN, Utah State '97-00--39-55 FGs (70.8 pct), 66-73 PATs