If you watched the opener of the National Basketball Association Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Detroit Pistons, you saw Davis at courtside. He's one of the Beautiful People now, with Jack and Dyan and the rest of the gang. He probably even takes meetings.

Davis is supposed to have sent the Pistons T-shirts because they're the Raiders of basketball.

That leaves one question: Who are the Raiders of the NFL?

Certainly not these Raiders. They're not to be confused with the old Oakland Raiders.

The Oakland Raiders were feared. They were the NFL's Darth Vadar, the league's criminal element, a team that boasted the game's best record.

These Raiders were a 5-10 team last year, and they seem to have lost the Oakland mystique.

Davis even hired a new coach, Mike Shanahan, who instituted a bunch of new rules including fines for sitting on helmets at practice.

What in the name of John Madden is going on?

Madden used to make fun of teams with a lot of rules. His rules were to show up on time and play your hardest. He often said that discipline meant not jumping offsides on third down.

What would Ted Hendricks, Dave Casper, George Atkinson, Ken Stabler and Jack Tatum have thought about fines for sitting on helmets?

When Casper was traded to Houston, he was told he had to wear his helmet at all times. So he wore it to breakfast.

Davis also seems to have lost his once deft touch for pulling off coups. He drafted Napoleon McCallum only to have the Navy rule him off the field after one season.

He drafted Bo Jackson, who had one great game last year, finished the season on the sidelines with an ankle injury and went back to baseball. He recently tore a hamstring while playing for the Kansas City Royals, and the Raider trainer sniffed that the injury occurred because baseball players don't keep in shape and run enough.

Even Davis's proposed Irwindale Stadium is in trouble, although Davis did collect a non-refundable $10 million payment from Irwindale, which is about 25 miles east of Los Angeles.

Then there is the Marc Wilson affair. Davis cut Wilson last week, leaving Davis with Vince Evans, Steve Beuerlein, Rusty Hilger and aging Jim Plunkett as his quarterbacks.

A lot of people think Davis cut Wilson because he was annoyed that Wilson skipped minicamp and because Davis wanted to sign Wilson for less than his $1 million salary of last year. But if that's his strategy, he didn't tell Wilson.

Meanwhile, football people keep waiting for Davis to make a bold move at quarterback, something like a trade for Washington's Jay Schroeder. They figure he's got to find another quarterback. They keep wondering what Davis is up to.

It may turn out he's too busy with all his court cases and being a celebrity to make a bold move.