MCLEANSBORO, Ill. -- Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan said no one in the organization has asked his opinion about trading Shandon Anderson, a strong indication that the free-agent forward isn't going anywhere.

According to the Toronto Sun, Anderson could be moved to Indiana in a sign-and-trade agreement with the Pacers. In return for Anderson, who is seeking a contract worth $7 million a year, the Jazz would get Travis Best and possibly Derrick McKey in return. The Jazz then would ship one of their point guards, either Best, Howard Eisley or Jacque Vaughn, to Toronto for unhappy guard Doug Christie.Sloan said neither Jazz owner Larry Miller nor Kevin O'Connor, vice president of basketball operations, has mentioned such a scenario to him. Since he's historically had input in major decisions, it probably won't happen, he said.

"They've always included me on what they've done," Sloan told Bloomberg News from his home in McLeansboro, Ill. "We've always given our opinion on what we think. I haven't heard about us trading Shandon at all."

Anderson and his agent, Dan Fegan, are still negotiating with the Jazz. Utah is offering about $15 million over four seasons, the Salt Lake Tribune said, putting him and the team more than $3 million a year apart.

"There's no news on Shandon," Fegan said.

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The Pacers and Houston Rockets have expressed interest in Anderson, a 25-year-old who last season averaged 8.5 points, but neither team has enough salary cap room to accommodate his demands. Unless he'd be willing to play for much less, the only way Anderson could join either team would be a sign-and-trade agreement.

"Who would you trade Shandon Anderson for?" asked Sloan. "I don't know why I'd trade him."

The coach said he harbors no ill will toward Anderson, who is simply exercising his rights as a free agent.

"The player has to get what he can, and the owner has to get what he can," Sloan said. "When the two parties are happy, they'll make a deal.