Utahn Ronald D. Plowman says he has no plans to carry out a massive reorganization of the Agriculture Department's primary science agency, the Agricultural Research Service.

Plowman, who will collect an estimated $126,500 a year to head up the agency, has been rumored as having been tabbed to revamp the organization.But Plowman, who is head of the department of animal, dairy and veterinary sciences at Utah State University, told the Associated Press on last week he has no such intentions.

"They've been reorganized to death," he said. "We're going to work with what we've got."

Plowman's USDA job appointment was announced on April 15 by Agriculture Secretary Richard E. Lyng at a yearly salary of $77,500.

It was subsequently disclosed, however, that Plowman - who retired from the USDA agency in 1984 after 27 years to go to work for Utah State - will be on loan from the university under a lawful arrangement that will permit him to continue drawing his federal retirement income, estimated at $35,000 a year. Additionally, he will get $14,000 a year in per diem.

Technically, the university will pay Plowman's $77,500 salary as head of the USDA agency, but the department then will reimburse Utah State for that amount.