Gunn McKay used his time during the Weber County Democratic Convention Saturday to accuse his rival, Rep. Jim Hansen, R-Utah, of turning his back on Utah workers during a recent congressional trade bill vote.

Speaking to delegates assembled in Mt. Ogden Middle School, the former congressman said Hansen "is not only voting to continue our record trade deficits, but he is voting against the working men and women from Weber County and the state of Utah." He referred to Hansen's vote against a major piece of trade legislation overwhelmingly approved by Congress last month."This bill was a bipartisan effort to reduce the number of jobs we are losing overseas. It provides trade relief for industries and farmers, and the bill calls for companies that are closing to give their workers 60 days notice in advance that they will be out of a job.

"I hope the voters realize that Hansen voted against the future of our economy, and showed a real lack of concern for American workers."

McKay punctuated his point by quoting statistics that show 13,000 workers per year leave Utah looking for jobs. He said anyone who drives down Washington Boulevard in Ogden can see the impact of an economic downturn in the boarded-up buildings that line the street.

"Our workers are underpaid. Utah is 48th in the nation in per-capita income. What has Jim Hansen done to help us get better-paying jobs for Utahns who are under and unemployed?"