All was quiet at Fox Hunt II at Bonneville Raceway Saturday night, in contrast to the first running of the annual drag race, when a riot erupted after police closed the event.

Roughly 2,000 race fans redeemed ticket stubs Saturday night to attend the postponed race, which track officials promised them following the closure of the first race May 28, track manager Dick Godfrey said.That night, after police took one man into custody, hundreds of other fans surrounded the officers and assaulted them. West Valley police sought to control the conflict by closing the race about 8:30 p.m.

Thousands of fans then refused to leave the raceway and began hurling insults and rocks at officers. Several officers and spectators were injured and some people were arrested.

But Saturday evening, the only thing that tainted the atmosphere was exhaust from dragsters. Eight West Valley officers stood idle and were about to be dismissed from raceway duty, Chief Dennis Nordfelt said.

"We're going to send most of them home. Everybody's behaving and having a good time. It's a good event," he said.