To the editor:

A letter to the editor by P.K. Ruplinger of Sandy, Sept. 27, posed the question, "What business do the UEA and PTA have using the schools and our children to promote their own political objectives?"The answer is that the UEA and PTA have absolutely no business whatsoever using schools to promote their own political objectives according to Utah state law 53-A-13-101, which mandates that "partisan, political . . . doctrine may not be taught in public schools."

Utah State law 76-8-201 mandates a misdemeanor crime charge be attached to every public servant who "knowingly refrain(s) from performing a duty imposed upon him by law . . . "

All Utahns should begin to see to it that schools are not used for political purposes and turn those who flagrantly violate this law over to their county attorneys.

Lucille Ulrich

Health-Education Council president

Families Alert

Salt Lake City