SOUTH OGDEN (AP) -- Saige Dalton never spent a day inside her mother's womb.

"For her to fully come to term like this, is not even one in a million," said the family's obstetrician, Jed Naisbitt. "She's too rare to even have a statistic."The medical textbooks call it an abdominal or ectopic pregnancy when a fertilized egg implants in tissue outside the uterus and the placenta and fetus develop there.

Naisbitt said Saige's is likely the first such birth in Utah and one of few around the world.

With an ectopic pregnancy, mothers risk dying, the fetus is likely to die from a poor blood supply, and doctors and medical books advise to immediately terminate the pregnancy.

But five ultrasounds failed to reveal Saige was outside her mother's uterus. The fetus had attached to a fibroid -- or benign tumor -- along the outer uterus wall where it received an adequate blood supply and appeared to be in a normal position on the sonogram.

So on July 15, Lori Dalton gave birth to a healthy 6-pound baby girl during what started as a routine Caesarean section delivery at the Ogden Regional Medical Center.

But Naisbitt became alarmed when he cut and looked inside Dalton and saw the fetus surrounded by a thin membrane outside the womb. He thought the uterus had ruptured.

When he realized the situation, Naisbitt knew why Dalton had suffered severe pain flashes throughout her pregnancy, which was her third in seven years.

"I was shocked," Dalton said. "I didn't even know such a thing was possible."

She said she sensed a hysteria in the room, and that a staffer then seized control of the camcorder her husband, Jon Dalton, was using to record the birth.

Family history had suddenly turned into medical history. And some doctors, she said, even thanked her after the surgery for letting them see a rare medical event.

Saige quickly became the talk among staffers at the hospital and obstetricians throughout the area. Friends and relatives are calling her the "miracle baby."

"This is probably never going to happen again in Utah," Naisbitt said.

Dalton is recovering from the surgery at her South Ogden home. Saige is in perfect health.