Feature-film and television production is at an all-time high in Utah. Following is a list of projects that have been filmed in the state during the past year, others that will begin filming this summer, and their current release status:

Recent video, television or theatrical releases:"Friends & Lovers." Cast: Robert Downey Jr., Stephen Baldwin, Alison Eastwood, Claudia Schiffer. (Opened theatrically in New York and Los Angeles in April; coming to video Aug. 17.)

"Made Men." Cast: James Belushi, Timothy Dalton, Vanessa Angel, Steve Railsback. Pay-cable TV movie. (Debuted on HBO in June; coming to video in the fall.)

"SLC Punk!" Cast: Matthew Lillard, Michael Goorjian, Jennifer Lien, Annabeth Gish. (Opened theatrically in April; coming to video in the fall.)

"The Substitute 2: School's Out." Cast: Treat Williams. Straight to pay-cable. (Debuted on HBO in May; now on video.)

Coming soon to theaters, tv or video:

"The Absence of the Good." Cast: Stephen Baldwin. Pay-cable TV movie.

"Beyond the Prairie: The True Story of Laura Ingalls." Cast: Richard Thomas, Lindsay Crouse. TV movie.

"Chill Factor." Cast: Cuba Gooding Jr., Skeet Ulrich, Hudson Leick. Theatrical film.

"A Christmas Tale." Cast: Gordon Jump, Anne Lockhart. Theatrical film.

"The Crow: Salvation." Cast: Kirsten Dunst, Eric Mabius, Fred Ward. Theatrical film.

"Johnny Tsunami." Director: Steve Boyum. Cable TV movie.

"Net Worth." Cast: Daniel Baldwin, Craig Sheffer, Brooke Langton. Theatrical film.

"Next To You." Cast: Melissa Joan Hart, Adam Grenier, Doug MacMillan. Theatrical film.

"The Right Temptation." Cast: Kiefer Sutherland, Rebecca De Mornay. Theatrical film.

"The Runner." Cast: Ron Eldard, Courteney Cox, Joe Mantegna, John Goodman. Theatrical film.

"Shepherd." Cast: Tom Arnold, Amy Irving, Chris Isaak. Theatrical film.

"Slow Burn." Cast: Josh Brolin, Minnie Driver, James Spader. Theatrical film.

"Stranger Than Fiction." Cast: Todd Field, Natasha Gregson Wagner. Theatrical film.

Recent completed filming:

"Anya's Bell." Cast: Della Reese. TV movie of the week.

"Box." Cast: Billy Baldwin, Bridget Backo, Lee Majors. Theatrical film.

"Dead Ringer." Cast: Clayton Taylor, Randi Lyn Strong, Noah Forrest. Theatrical film.

"A Husband's Betrayal." Cast: Roma Downey, William Russ. TV movie of the week.

"Legacy 2." LDS Church film.

"Partners in Crime." Cast: Paulina Porizkova, Rutger Hauer. Theatrical film.

Projects currently filming or set to start:

"The Ballad of Lucy Whipple." Cast: Glenn Close. TV movie of the week.

"Bats." Cast: Lou Diamond Phillips, Dina Meyer. Theatrical film.

"Carving Out Our Names." Cast: Brad Rowe, Chad Lindberg, Lisa Fiori. Documentary film.

"Cyber Cowboy." Cast: William Blair, Jerry Lee Kmiec. Feature film.

"Don't Look Under the Bed." Cast: Erin Chambers, Eric "Ty" Hodges II, Jake Jackson. Cable-TV movie.

"Galaxy Quest." Cast: Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Tony Shalhoub. Theatrical film.

"The Next Big Thing." Director: Joachim Hellinger. Theatrical film.

"The Way of the Gun." Cast: Benicio Del Toro, Cameron Diaz, Ryan Phillippe. Theatrical film.