The U.S. embargo against Cuba turned 50 last week and the Castro brothers are still in power. Hey, nobody said embargoes work quickly.

Actually, the sight of all those vintage 1950s automobiles driving around Havana makes you wonder about the island's potential wealth. If you're economically repressed long enough, your possessions can become quite valuable on eBay.

President Obama took on the Catholic Church last week over contraceptives, then beat a hasty retreat. It may have occurred to him that the last world leader to take on the church was Henry VIII, and history hasn't been too kind to him.

Obama believes super PACs are bad. He feels so strongly about it that he's had to persuade his own super PAC to let everyone know.

Wall Street is rallying. The Dow is about a 10 percent bull run away from an all-time high. Haven't we seen this picture before?

Utah began celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the 2002 Winter Olympics last week. After the cauldron was lit, public officials threw out the first ceremonial bribe-taking IOC member.

Not long after that, the Russian delegation threatened to walk out, just because it could.

Gov. Gary Herbert formed a committee to look into possibly bidding for the 2022 Games. Apparently, people are nostalgic for the days when armed soldiers roamed South Temple.

The Utah Legislature is considering a bill that would impose a $50 fine on any teenager caught driving a car while talking on a cellphone. Old fogeys who do so won't be fined. They'll just be subject to the same old penalties — a smashed up car and a hospital bill.

The FBI released its files on Steve Jobs last week. To everyone's relief, he had checked "No" under the question of whether he was a communist.

The file is from a 1991 background check because the first President Bush was considering him for a post on the President's Export Council. That was back when communists were more than just old guys playing chess in the park.

Jay Evensen is the associate editor of the Deseret News editorial page. Follow him on Twitter @jayevensen.