President George Albert Smith

Prophet videos: Enhance your Relief Society or Melchizedek Priesthood study of President George Albert Smith with these 16 YouTube videos that include sermons and counsel from a prophet. For instance, listen to him speak on “Virtue” and his “Missionary Experiences” and how to better “Appreciate Our Blessings” among many more. This YouTube user has made it all too easy to “Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice.”

Prophet video: Speaking of prophet videos, watch as President Thomas S. Monson speaks at the “Atlanta Temple” rededication from last year where he gives a special blessing to the youth who attended and performed, blessing them to “always face the light and walk the truth.” Lovely.

LDS Google+: The LDS Church is officially on Google+. Click to add it to your circles to get news, videos, inspirational counsel, scriptures, and much more. If you use Google+, this is a must circle!

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Apparent parent: I’ve seen a lot of good parent advice in the blogs, but it is usually from mommy bloggers. So I was excited to see this blog from a daddy blogger, who describes the “Art of Parenthood: Redirecting Kids’ Attention.” Here’s a snippet of his advice: “I guess the lesson is that the best way to take something away from a child is to give them something even better. And if that thing happens to be love and attention, both the parent and the child win.” Click in for more.

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