Ogden Police Department Main Channel:

:01 "Weber Whiskey Seven! Weber Whiskey Seven!"

:07 "Whiskey Seven?"

"Whiskey Seven, we're at 3268 Jackson. We got shots fired. We got officers hit, I need medical. I need additional units."

1:28 (inaudible). "Whiskey Five!"

2:02 "All units responding! Take cover!"

2:14 "Be advised, shots are being fired, out into the area, all officers take cover, don't come on to scene."

3:26 "Everybody take a position of cover. Describe the house, is it the red brick one?" :04

3:50 "Everybody get in a position of cover. Set a perimeter."

4:11 "Where's the downed officer at?"

6:11 "I can hear him screwing something out in the back yard ... window"

6:36 "Do we have the downed officer clear? And is he under cover?"

6:44 "He climbed out the back window."

6:49 "I got the uh ... downed officer at 33rd and Jackson ... He's gonna be in my car."

7:18 "Going out the back window."

7:36 "We got active fire."

7;38 "He's in the shed in the back yard."

7:47 "Shots have been fired. Is everybody OK back here? Officers?"

8:20 "I think I can hear him ... moaning in there."

8:28 "Everybody clear there ... Our suspect is in the backyard of the shed."

8:46 "Let's get a perimeter set up. On it. Maintain cover 'til they get SWAT here."

8:58 "We've got movement. We've got movement in the shed."

9:03 "Sounds like he's racking gun action."

9:13 "Watch your crossfire, we're gonna bust through the front door."

9:17 "OK guys, it sounds like he's racking a gun up in there."

9:27 "We can also hear him talking up here in the shed."

15:33 "He's racking the gun again."

16:51 "We're taking the suspect in custody right now."

Ogden Police Department Service Channel

:06 "Give me units. All. At this address. We have several officers down! several officers down! Get units up here now!

:18 "We need medical, we need medical up here now. Several medicals now!"

:48 "I need two units over here at 33rd and Jackson! Help us move these wouned officers over to the intersection. And we need medical to evac now!

2:02 "There's probably more than one that's been hit. I've got one."

2:44 "Officer Rounkles is at the hospital. And with another strike force officer. I'm back enroute to Jackson."

3:13 "Can you call and tell them, quit wasting medical, throw them in the car and get all the injured officers up to McKay now.

3:43 "Tell them they don't need to wait for medical to transport. Just throw them in a patrol car and get to McKay now.

Sgt. Steve Zaccardi's Call

:05 "This is Sgt. Zaccardi of the Strike Force. We need assistance where we're doing a search warrant, at 2938 Jackson, we got shots fired."

:24 "Call McKay-Dee, tell them I have an officer who's been shot in the face."

DISPATCHER:  "Officer, who's been shot in the face?"

ZACCARDI: "He is huh ... he is conscious and breathing. And he has been shot in the cheek. You tell them to be ready to go. I'm coming up there.