Proofpoint Inc. is introducing Proofpoint Enterprise Governance as a result of NextPage Inc. being acquired by Proofpoint at the end of December.

NextPage now exists as a business unit within Proofpoint.

Gary Steele, CEO of Proofpoint, Inc., had been a friend of Darren Lee, former CEO of NextPage, for awhile before the acquisition. Lee said he would joke about Steele's company "just moving in" whenever Steele would mention expanding in Utah.

After combining the two companies, Proofpoint now has 50 employees based in Draper.

NextPage products and services are now named Proofpoint Enterprise Governance.

Lee said this acquisition was an opportunity to evaluate the products both companies have.

"Right now there really is a powerful need for greater security and governance of information," Lee said.

Proofpoint deals primarily with large Fortune 500 companies. These businesses will now have more products available to them because of the acquisition.

Proofpoint is planning for a broader reach on sales both domestically and internationally with the acquisition, says Lee.

"We see this as a validation of the Utah economy and its ability to be symbiotic with the Silicon Valley," says Lee. "This is just one more example in this high-tech community."

Proofpoint is currently not a publicly traded company. However, it has finished filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission and has plans to be public by the end of the year.

The number and price of the shares have not yet been determined.

Proofpoint is a security-as-a-service provider. The company uses technology to allow organizations to secure their email and govern files for regulation reasons.

Proofpoint Enterprise Governance uses patented technology to track documents across different systems. Proofpoint uses a server that is hosted in a cloud, allowing users to see where their documents are going.

"Today information is everywhere. It's not just in central repositories, but on laptops and desktops, cloud-based file sharing services, SharePoint and other collaboration systems," said Steele in a statement. "Effectively securing, retaining and discovering this proliferation of content is a tremendous challenge for virtually all enterprises today. With Proofpoint Enterprise Governance, enterprises can now fingerprint and track information across disparate systems, enabling proactive information governance for compliance, data retention and eDiscovery."

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Lee, now vice president of governance at Proofpoint, gave the example of companies who find themselves in litigation.

Using Proofpoint Enterprise Governance, a business would be able to know what files need to be kept for legal reasons and which files could be destroyed.

This service keeps companies in compliance with the law, Lee said.

In the case of litigation, all emails and files related can be recovered, the company says.

"Think of it as a GPS for your documents," Lee said.

Proofpoint is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif.