The Zions Bank Consumer Attitude Index (CAI) fell 2.1 points, compared to December 2011, to 79.8, according to a statement from Zions Bank. The national Consumer Confidence Index fell 3.7 points to 61.1. The current index still shows economic growth, however.

Utah's continuing decrease in the state unemployment rate, lower gas prices, business improvements and a rebound in the stock market are all indicators of a possible increase in consumer confidence in the future.

Last year, 36,000 jobs were added to Utah and unemployment dropped to 6 percent, according to the statement. However, only 7 percent of individuals believe there are enough jobs in their area.

The Zions Bank Present Situation Index, which looks at current business and employment conditions, shows a decrease to 49.4. Nationally the index decreased to 38.4. The direction of consumer spending in Utah remained at 100.0 while the national Expectations Index fell to 76.2.

Inflation reported by the Zions Bank Consumer Price Index shows 2.8 percent for 2011. Seventy-five percent of Utah residents say the price for consumer goods will increase during 2012.

Forty percent of people in Utah believe a thousand dollar investment in a 401K would be worth less in 12 months.

There is hope in future home prices. Thirty-one percent of Utah residents, the highest since May, think the value of their homes will increase over the year.

Zions Bank provides CAI summary reports each month. The data is collected and analyzed by a market research firm in Salt Lake City, The Cicero Group/Dan Jones & Associates.

February results will be released on Feb. 28.