Pleasant Grove had a fast start from the opening tip until the end of the half as they used tough defense and great passing to hold the lead at the half. At the end of the first period, the Vikings led 16-10 and had the Silverwolves back on their heels. Riverton had a difficult time getting the ball down deep and turned it over several times.

During the second period, junior forward Stephan Holm scored all Riverton's points until close to the end of the period. Juniors Braxton Yingling and Richard Worsham had open looks and each drilled a trey on successive possesions before Holm hit one of his own just before the buzzer sounded to end the half.

At the half, Pleasant Grove held a nine point lead, 34-25, but the momentum was changing. By the end of the third period, Riverton was leading by nine. Riverton dropped 8 treys on the Vikings to go with three free throws during the period to give Riverton a 52-43 lead.

During the final period, Pleasant Grove played catch-up as best they could, but were not able to climb out of the hole in which Riverton had buried them. At the end, the Vikings had added 14 points and Riverton had added 17 points. Final score; Riverton 69, Pleasant Grove 57.

"Our backs were against the wall" said Riverton coach Steve Galley. "Lately, we have not scored very well and not performed the technical parts of the game". Asked what staff had said or done to light the teams fire during halftime, he answered, "We really didn't tell the kids anything special, they knew they needed to step up and improve their game. The shots they hit were all very emotional shots and the momentum just kind of came our way".

The Silverwolves rally included eleven straight treys. Holm had four treys and ended up high man on the floor with 20 points. He was helped by senior D. McCleary with 11 points and Worsham with 12 points. They shot 22 field goals, 14 of them being treys, and made 11 of 19 free throws.

Pleasant Grove hit 19 field goals, four from beyond the arc, and 15 of 17 from the charity line. Sophomore guard Forrest Pincock was high man for the Vikings with 16 points, followed by older brother Spencer Pincock with 9 points and senior center Alan Hamson with 13 points.

At this point in region play, every school has played each other and now the cycle starts over. Riverton (8-8 overall and 1-4 in region play) will play at Lone Peak on Tuesday and Pleasant Grove (4-12 overall and 1-4 in region) will be at Bingham.

Kent Allen lives in Pleasant Grove and reports on Viking varsity sports for Deseret Connect. He can be reached at