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"Adam-ondi-Ahman and the Last Days" by Randall C. Bird.

"ADAM-ONDI-AHMAM AND THE LAST DAYS," by Randall C. Bird, Cedar Fort, $8.99, 77 pages (nf)

Randall C. Bird’s recent book, “Adam-ondi-Ahman and the Last Days,” contains well-researched information about a place and events that are a mystery to many.

Located 25 miles north of Far West in Daviess County, Mo., the property known as Adam-ondi-Ahman is owned and cared for by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For the past 30 years the LDS Church has improved and cultivated the property, according to the book.

Among many interesting tidbits of information, students of the Book of Mormon will find a reference to the prophet Moroni and his travels in North America, which likely included a visit to Adam-ondi-Ahman.

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Bird has divided the book into two parts — one describes the place and its name, and the other describes four significant time periods associated with the place.

Several black-and-white photos of the site, a table and two small hand-drawn maps illustrate the book. Eight and a half pages of endnotes include references for additional study.

In a mere 77 pages, Bird has condensed a treasure trove of little known information that leaves the reader with much to study and contemplate.

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