Courtesy of Mozy

Mozy, an online backup service, introduced a new complement cloud system on Wednesday that allows users to transfer files using a local folder on their computer.

“While data preservation and protection will always be at Mozy's core, we want to increase the value that you get from Mozy,” Ted Haeger, product manager at Mozy, said in a statement. “Preservation alone is no longer adequate. The complete availability of our data matters as much as its preservation.”

The new synchronization tool, called Stash, allows files to be synched between computers through local folders linked to Mozy online backup accounts. The service also synchs files across mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

The company released its web access feature that allowed its users to download files from online storage accounts to any computer in 2011. Mozy also launched mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

Subscribers who have paid or free accounts will receive Stash for free.

The new service is much like other cloud services online, including DropBox and SugarSync.

Unlike its competitors that also use similar systems to sync across devices and computers, the original Mozy allows its users to access files that may not have made it to the designated local folder.

This makes Stash a complement to the original service.

“We see this as redefining how the online backup market works,” Haeger said in a phone interview. “This is something we’ve had cooking in our back rooms for a while. It takes a while to make something like this work well and work right.”

Mozy is based in Seattle but has an office in Pleasant Grove, which employs 200 of the company’s 300 employees.

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