The pump reads, "A gift from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the NGO Congo-Kazi."

Water project: When I saw the blog post title “Kimbenseke Water Project Closing,” I thought it was a going to be a sad story of a African water project being forced to close. But what I found was a beautiful blog and photo essay about a closing ceremony because the project was complete. These people are so happy to have clean water, courtesy of the LDS Church and their partners in Africa. In fact, after the ceremony, when everyone was invited to take a ceremonial drink, a missionary watched as “one man in front of me didn't want to wait for a turn to get his drink from the glass. He reached over and cupped his hand under the water being pumped. He drank from his hands several times and then poured the last handful over his head. It's amazing how life-changing (water is) and what joy clean water can bring.” Click to read the entire inspiring account!

Gospel Library: How Are You Using the Gospel Library App?” This is the question the LDSTech team put forth, and the answers are so cool and indicative of how moble app use is spreading! For instance, this writer uses it on the road: “My husband and I were stopping for lunch on our way to Las Vegas. We went into a fast food restaurant. Near the end of our meal, I noticed there was a scripture reference on the bottom of my cup inside the edge. There was another scripture reference on the burger wrapper. So when we got back on the road, I was curious what scriptures they thought were important to covertly share with the world. I pulled out my iPod and looked at my Gospel Library (app) and read the scriptures out loud. Then we had a little discussion about the scriptures and the restaurant. It actually helped us get through the heavy, construction-backed-up traffic by giving us interesting conversation and putting our mind set on a calmer plain.” Click in to read all the stories of using the Gospel Library app.

BYU Studies: “We are now offering 21 ebooks on our website,” tweeted BYU Studies. Hooray! I love that so many great publications are now available virtually. And if you have an eReader, you should check it out!

Slow cooker: Did you know you could make “Banana Bread” in a slow cooker? I sure didn’t, but this delightful recipe looks both easy and so yummy and utilizes that versatile appliance. Check out how to do it.

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