Sometimes you wonder if your own children come from the same gene pool, with personalities, looks and mannerisms that are alike, yet so different from each other. Yes, they grow up in the same household under the same governing principles and rules, but it’s fun to see how they come into their own and become their own people. I won’t say parenting has been easy — in fact, there have been many times I wish I had an owner's manual. But I’m amazed at how much I’ve learned, even as our four kids continue to teach me lessons. And the struggles really help make us who we are, as we each learn the lessons we were meant to experience.

On our "Mormon Times" TV show this Sunday, Jan. 29, we’ll take a look at a film that has everyone talking. It’s called “The 5,000 Days Project: Two Brothers” — the story of two ordinary LDS siblings who struggle to love each other. Filmmaker Rick Stevenson, the brothers' uncle, follows the boys for several years and chronicles the ups and downs in their journey through life, even as the eldest serves his mission. We’ll show several clips and talk in-studio to Stevenson, who accurately depicts Mormon culture and beliefs despite his Protestant background.

We’ll also explore a tough topic that continues to be a problem in our society, even among members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. When suicide happens, it’s heart-wrenching for those left behind. But, on Sunday, we’ll offer hope and healing for families dealing with the pain. We’ll also see how faith is helping one Utah woman carry on after losing her husband and church leader to suicide. And psychologist Wendy Ulrich will be along to help us cope when we ask, “Why?” She’ll also explain how we can forgive and again find happiness after someone has taken their life.

Plus, humanitarian and author Toni Sorenson marks two years since the horrific Haitian earthquake with a look back at her visit just days after the 7.0 temblor hit. You’ll see what it was like to actually be there and get a look at some of the Haitian faces that are forever etched in her mind.

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