Paul Slade
Frehja models the new Hydropack I at the 2012 Outdoor Retailer Trade Expo

Sparked out of frustration of dog harnesses that kept slipping around the torso of his dogs, Andy Malkiel, owner of Singing Dog Designs, brought the Hydropack I to his first Outdoor Retailer Trade Expo this year.

The Hydropack I is different than other dog packs in that it is designed to sit slightly higher on the dog's shoulders for greater support of the load. This design allows for a snug fit without slipping around the dog's torso, and allows for a comfortable fit for the dog.

The Hydropack I features two water bottles with color coded caps: One for dog, one for their human. This can be very handy during longer trecks or on warmer days. It also has ample storage room for snacks, ID or whatever else you can fit inside. The only drawback is that it only comes in one color, Setter Red.

The Hydropack I is anticipated to be in specialty pet retail stores by March of this year and is priced at $99. To contact a Utah rep, or for more information on the Hydropack I as well as other products for dogs by Singing Dog Designs, visit

Paul Slade is a proud husband and father of 4 who enjoys almost anything outdoors, and is now considering getting a dog.