Primary children in Congo are smiling over the new toys in the nursery.

Widow’s mite: Hooray! A new Bible Video has just been released. Watch an incredible depiction of when “Jesus Teaches About the Widow’s Mite.” And then share it with your family and friends. Plus, I hear that more are coming very soon!

Spiritual comfort: How has the Spirit been a comfort to you?” begins this beautiful new Mormons Messages video that teaches how the spirit can be a comfort during times of trial. View some inspiring stories and testimonies that can turn around and strengthen your feelings about the comforting power of the Holy Ghost.

Congo children: For some reason, the photo of these children in the Congo playing with their new nursery toys brought a smile to my face. Plus the other photos from this sweet blog post by these missionaries who declare that, through the power of journaling via blog, “We’ll Always Remember Pointe Noire.” Check it out!

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