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Dan Steinberg, Associated Press
Actor Asa Butterfield arrives at the AFI Awards in Los Angeles on Friday, Jan. 13, 2012.

Sci-fi fans are finally feeling optimistic about a project they've waited more than 20 years to see.

When "Ender's Game" hit bookshelves back in 1985, fans of the eventual series started asking themselves, "When are they going to make this into a movie?" Rumors of a film adaptation have circulated since then, and multiple attempts to get the project off the ground have collapsed, many of which included the book's author, Orson Scott Card, as screenwriter.

Recently, several sources, including an article from "Variety," have confirmed that not only is the film officially slated for 2013, but that "Indiana Jones" star Harrison Ford, "Little Miss Sunshine" Abigail Breslin, "True Grit" sensation Hailee Steinfeld, and Academy Award winner Ben Kingsley are just a few of the big names attached to the project.

"Ford will play Colonel Hyram Graff, who's in charge of training young military recruits" Jeff Sneider of "Variety" reports. "Breslin will play Valentine Wiggin, Ender's older sister, while Steinfeld plays Petra Arkanian, Ender's trusted right hand."

According to Drew “Moriarty” McWeeny's crew over at Hitfix.com, "Kingsley will take on the role of an aged war hero, who was long-thought dead."

The story of "Ender's Game" takes place on earth, some years after a fierce alien invasion. Young students at a military school must train in high-tech battle simulations to prepare for their part in an intergalactic war.