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This feature on Brigham Young University student and Texan Gabriel Nicholas, 20, is about his family and they have dealt with cystic fibrosis, including waking up at 4 a.m. for breathing treatments before going to early-morning seminary.

The city of Joplin, Mo., continues to rebuild after a devastating tornado touched down on a Sunday afternoon last year. The Joplin Globe reported that since May 22, 2011, building permits have topped $268 million. Included is a permit for $3.4 million that was filed by Hunt Taylor Creek to rebuild the LDS meetinghouse at Indiana Ave.

“We’re in the framing stage right now,” Duane Hunt, one of the owners, said Monday of the 21,000-square-foot building for the Mormon chapel. “We’re looking in the neighborhood of September, could be the first of October (for completion).”

The chapel was one of many buildings damaged or demolished by a tornado in that area in May.

In other building news, the town council of Gilbert, Ariz., approved a zoning request for an area surrounding the LDS temple, as reported by azcentral.com

“The proposed 202-acre Somerset neighborhood is owned by LeSueur Investments, which also owned the adjacent property where The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is now building its fourth Arizona temple.”

The temple in Hartford, Conn., which was announced Oct. 2, 2010, is in the planning stages. Farmingtonpatch.com noted that church representatives are expected to make an informal presentation to the Town Plan and Zone Commission on Monday.

Peter Fishman, owner of the site, said, “They’re proposing to build an incredibly beautiful, very New England-appropriate temple that is going to be a significant landmark in this town for hundreds of years.”

Members in the news

BYU student Gabriel Nicholas and younger brother Benjamin cope and bond with the challenges of cystic fibrosis.

The article at Cyprus Creek Mirror of Houston states, “… it is (Gabriel's) ability to look on the bright side of life that has helped him overcome the setbacks of his medical conditions.

“I think it’s definitely a challenge sometimes, but not a disability. It’s something I can overcome. I don’t feel any different than anyone else most of the time,” Gabriel said. “It’s great stand-up material also.”

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Another LDS Church member, Kay Charter, was featured on Burnabynow, part of the Canada.com network. Charter turned 100 this week, and the article noted her life from England to Canada, growing up through the Great Depression and her positions in the community. Despite the generation gap, her friendship with Mangla Bansal, 24, has not lessened. Bansal has made several short documentary style films of Charter.

"I wouldn't change a thing, I really wouldn't — not a thing," said Charter, with a smile, the article reports. "I've had a wonderful life. I've been blessed."

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