Cottonwood Heights, Utah-based Surface is coming out with a new line of skis called the "Free Series".

The headliner of the Free Series is the Walk Free. The skis have a 132 tip, 100 waist, and a 122 tail. This, among other features, allows the users to ride on just about whatever terrain they desire, Hayden Price, a brandbassador said.

The skis have a rounded up tip that provide a lift for riders in deep powder, Price said. Walk Free's can also do well on groomed runs as well because they have many of the characteristics of traditional skis. Combined, these features give the rider a lot of options. "We're really stoked on this ski," Price said.

Free Series skis are lighter, more responsive, and have wooden cores, which makes them more durable than skis from other companies, Price said.

The ski company tries to corner the 13-28 year old market the most, but has skis for all age groups.

Surface has four employees. The company was founded in 2004.

The company's sales numbers have gone up 40 percent compared to last year as the company has tried to expand its product line. General Manager Rob Day said the Surface now does business with over 150 retailers and over 30 countries.