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Amy Donaldson
This pack designed and sold by Jetflow contains a water bottle converted into a portable hydration system using the Jetflow manifold system.

Anyone who's used a bladder system for hydration knows cleaning it is the worst. For many, it's just the price one pays for being able to drink on the go.

But for two Utah men, the idea of trying to clean the bladder meant for water or sports drinks became so unappealing they just gave up.

"I'd just use a brand new one," said Andrew Peterson, co-creator of the Jetflow system. "We were scared of bacteria, scared of whatever grows in there. We just decided there must be a better way."

What they designed was a plastic manifold that allows people to use the bottle that the liquid comes in, rather than dumping it into a bladder. Then the bottle can be recycled or reused, and it's much easier to clean.

In addition to being easier to clean (or discard), the jetflow system weighs less than a bladder system. Most bladders weigh about 130 grams (empty) and the manifold weighs 50 to 55 grams.

Jetflow sells packs and manifolds as well as a runner's model that has a cleaning piston in it. The runner's model sells for $39.50 and will be available April 1 at Sportsman's Warehouse and Cabela's. The manifold system only is sold for $29.99 and allows a person to use most plastic bottles sold, including water, Gatorade and soda bottles.

Visit www.jetflow.co for more information.


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