Michael Richardson
Achiva products are flavored and provide an energy alternative to runners and any endurance athlete.

Salt Lake City-based Achiva Native Energy introduced an endurance athlete energy product using Chia seeds and coconut water.

Achiva Native Energy uses five ingredients in their products, including unrefined sugar and sea salt.

According to Achiva, Chia seeds provide an excellent energy source becuase of their tendency to gel, helping slow digestion, allowing energy to be more consistent. Achiva also stresses the unique nutrient makeup of Chia seeds, as they are a balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

The founders of Achiva have been working out of home, renting commercial kitchens when needed to perfect their product. They have produced a mix you can dump in your water bottle to drink before a run. In the near future Achiva will have a jellybean like energy source for endurance athletes to take in the middle of a race or run.

It can be found in a number of running stores in Utah, or can be bought online. http://www.achivaenergy.com.

Michael Richardson is a journalist for the Deseret News.