Whether you are soaking up waves and sun everyday or riding on the white powder snow ocean, Sanuk has your feet covered, from toe to heel and everything in between.

With so many different styles and fits, no matter what your clothing apparel looks like, Sanuk has a sandal that is going to fit your outfit and personality. As an everyday shoe or after a day of riding, nothing is better than putting on a pair of Sanuk shoes to let the feet relax the day away. Your feet will feel like a baby kangaroo in its mothers’ pouch. If you haven’t tried a pair of Sanuk sandals, then you are behind the times and your feet are missing out on sandals that make you smile.

Sanuk made several new annoucements this year including the release of fur lined and water resistent winter boots. It was also announced that in the very near future, Sanuk will be opening retail stores with the goal of being a year round global brand by 2015. Sanuk has also signed Utah resident Forrest Shearer.

Sanuk sandals can also be found online at www.sanuk.com

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