Brenna Carreon, Deseret News
The Wise Company recently launched a new fruit and vegetable line.

The Wise Company, a food storage company based in Centerville, showed several new products at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Showcase.

The company recently launched new fruit, vegetable and meat lines.

The fruit line has a 25-year shelf life. The new meat line came out two months ago and has a 15-year shelf life and is freeze dried. The meat comes pre-seasoned so that it can be added to different entrees.

Chad Hut, part of the vendor sales department, said that 70 percent of people that try a sample of the product end up purchasing it later.

The company also sells 10 different entrees and three different breakfast items. The entrees take 12 minutes to make and can be made by adding water.

The entrees and the breakfast currently the best selling items, Hut said.

Hut said that this year sales in the company have grown by 950 percent. Wise food sold internationally and is manufactured in Utah. The company has been around for almost five years.