Kim Cowart
Pearl Izumi women's Capris

Pearl Izumi is getting ready to offer a new twist on women's running Capris.

In an effort to appeal to women participating in endurance and ultra sports, Pearl Izumi has created multi-functional Capris, which allows women to safely and comfortably carry their gear and necessities with them on the run.

In addition to providing pockets for keys, gels, and I.D., the new Capris have two pockets which each hold 3 oz. water bottles. The goal is to eliminate the need for additional hydration belts, which some athletes find uncomfortable.

These gel pockets are located on the fatty part of the hips to reduce movement during a workout, while most hydration packs sit at the waist or on top of the hips.

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This product is so new they don't have a name for it, but it is patent protected and unique to Pearl Izumi.

Pearl Izumi's goal is to help women feel fierce and competitive while maintaining a femininity. To achieve this, they have added graphic detail to the Capris' front and back which match the detail from other jackets and tops being offered in the same line.

The seams are minimal to avoid chaffing and the fabric is moisture-wicking and ventilated.

When released, they Capris will retail for $75.

Kim Cowart is a wife, mother, 24-Hour Fitness instructor and marathoner.