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If you've spent time in the backcountry you know the value of each item you carry playing multiple roles.

A piece of duct tape can save from blisters, patch a tent, or secure any number of items in your pack, while a hiking pole can be used for stabilization as you hike, or as a pole for a shelter, or a probe in the snow.

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K2, complete with in-house engineers and a team of athletes who provide constant feedback on product usage, debuted the Rescue Shovel Plus fall of 2011. Not only is it a shovel, but it is designed to work in conjunction with your skis as an emergency sled.

Take it further and you can even build a deadman anchor, or provide a flat platform for your stove.

Watch the following video to see how you can turn your K2 backcountry gear into a rescue sled, if, heaven forbid, you must.

Weight: 810 grams; Handle length: 25 1/4 inches; Blade dimensions: 9.5x11". Suggested retail price: $89.95