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Joey Ferguson Deseret News

Made by the man who claims to be the original maker of the helmet cam, this Michigan man and Michigan company is striking out with a new, indestructible hard plastic ski used primarily to comb the backcountry in places other skis don't dare to go.

The unique plastic scales on the bottom help the ski to climb, similar to a snowshoe, while the size and shape provide a floating trip on the way down.

Slower than a regular ski and without the crampons of a snowshoe, the Marquette Backcountry isn't quite either one, but more of an explorative tool for users who want to be able to ski over rocks and stump, climb up the hills, and get some float on the downhill.

You need a standard 3 pin boot, ideally a 2 or 3 buckle telemark book. The ski is made out of black plastic composite using a blow-molding process. Watch how it's done. This could be your next new piece of outdoor gear.