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Tyler Tate
Magellan Switch GPS

Outdoors enthusiasts know the value of having a handheld GPS system with them on hikes and backcountry expeditions. Until now, the GPS technology has not involved other outdoor communities.

Magellan GPS introduced the Switch and Switch Up Fitness Series. With the ability to create nine different customizable profiles, Multi Sport Mode allows you can create what content you want to display for all of your different outdoors activities. If you are a runner you can have a running profile, then when you want to snow shoe, switch to your snow shoe profile.

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With a sensitive GPS receiver, the Switch and Switch Up tracks your position while relaying time, distance, speed/pace, elevation and calories and has the feature to link to a heart rate monitor to track the heart rate. A feature of the Switch Up, called the Vibrate Motor, will vibrate when you hit goals that you set an alert for.

The Switch and Switch Up data can be uploaded to the Magellan Fitness website and can be transferred to other fitness websites allowing your data to be used how you want.

The Magellan Switch and Switch Up are priced from $250 and $350 and will be available in Spring 2012.

Tyler Tate is the owner and writer of T Squared Action Sports. Follow @TSquaredSports