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Joey Ferguson, Deseret News
Switch brand sunglasses sit on display at the All Mountain Demo day during Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2012.

A New Jersey-based company called Switch has come out with sunglasses that have interchangeable magnetic lenses.

Switch lenses are made with a polycarbonate that makes them shatterproof, with a lightweight, optical grade, designed to cause water to run off, and are easy to clean.

A pair of Switch sunglasses comes with two sets of magnetic lenses: one set of polarized or non polarized primary lenses and a pair of low light Rose Amber lenses.

Switch has 10 different styles of sunglasses and has various lens types for driving, golfing, skiing, running and hiking, and speed lenses for cycling and motion sports. The purpose of the various lens types is to offer people with a quick, interchangeable way to adapt to whatever activity the user may be doing.

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The magnetization of the lenses keeps the lenses firmly attached to the frames. But it also gives wearers easy access to quickly change lenses by slightly pulling the lenses off then attaching whatever pair is needed for a given condition.

If a lens gets damaged in some way, its owner need only fix or replace the lens instead of getting a new pair of sunglass.

People with corrective lenses, who don't have contact lenses, can also get prescription magnetized sun lenses.

Switch started in 2006 will be distributing sunglasses and lenses through various recreation stores in the coming months, including REI.