Provided by Tiffany Sowby
Tiffany Sowby gained a testimony of Jesus Christ as a young seminary student.

Editor's note: With the upcoming 100-year celebration of the LDS Church's seminary program, Mormon Times is sharing experiences and blessing from those who participated in seminary.

Five months after moving to Utah from a different country, I started seminary. I had just made the switch from being the only Mormon in my 500-plus-student school to having 40 minutes of my school day devoted to studying the gospel. It was a complete novelty to me! I immediately loved seminary.

My first year in seminary was during my ninth-grade year. The New Testament was the course of study. I quickly grew to love the New Testament and learned about the life of Jesus Christ in a more personal way than any Sunday School class thus far in my young life. Toward the end of the school year, our seminary class was given an end-of-year assignment to write a short essay answering the question, "What think ye of Christ?"

I recall taking on the task with the typical approach of a school assignment. However, it didn't take long for my young teenage mind to realize this assignment was anything but typical. I will never forget sitting at our family computer transferring the writing in my notebook to the final draft that would soon be printed.

As I typed the assignment, I suddenly realized, "This is a testimony! I have a testimony of Jesus Christ!"

Though I went on to attend three more years of seminary, nothing stands out to me quite as much as the "What think ye of Christ" assignment. I will forever be grateful to my ninth-grade seminary teacher, Brother Meidell, for giving me the assignment to think specifically about what I thought of Jesus Christ.

My life has certainly been blessed from participating in the seminary program of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Even now, almost 23 years later, I occasionally think about that end-of-year assignment. How could I not? My simple two-page, double spaced essay served as the foundation of what is now a strong, undeniable testimony of my Savior, Jesus Christ.

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