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Caresa Alexander shares an experience from attending seminary.

Editor's note: With the upcoming 100-year celebration of the LDS Church's seminary program, Mormon Times is sharing experiences and blessing from those who participated in seminary.

Through high school, sometimes we don’t always act like we love our family. In fact for some, the love of family is taken for granted and even discarded. A certain instance in seminary helped strengthen my testimony in eternal families.

One teacher, Brother Reeder, would often talk about his horse and his wife, usually in that order. He was so funny. I could tell he loved the gospel, and he shared his enthusiasm with the students.

Brother Krebs was my seminary teacher during my senior year. One object lesson I will always remember, and I’m sure many have had the same experience, is about a cave. All the students sat close together on the floor. Brother Krebs turned off the lights and told us to pretend we were stuck in a deep, dark cave. Only one of us would be able to leave.

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The class then had to vote on who would be saved from the cave while the rest stayed behind. The rescued student would then relay our final words to the outside world. As we all thought about what we would say, my thoughts immediately turned to my family. I realized if I would never see them again, I would want my family to know that I loved them.

Thanks to inspired seminary teachers, high school students are able to share in similar spiritual experiences and gain their own testimonies of eternal truths.